Alirkan kebaikan mu agar abadi dengan Wakafprenuer

Saatnya sekarang kita kembali menjayakan Wakaf produktif melakukan Wakafprenuer...


Welcome to Wakafprenuer Institute!

This website is dedicated to all activities related to socioprenuer generally and #wakafprenuer particularly. The terms “Wakafprenuer” literally come from wakaf or endowment and entrepreneurship

Therefore Wakafprenuer is simply all programs or process in optimizing an entrepreneurship within wakaf scheme or endowment framework. I may recall this as Islamic socioprenuer.

In the very near future we need many contributors in this issue.

Please do not hesitate to connect to my social media account FB or Twitter @imamnurazis and IG @imamnurazis_

You mau reach us by email to

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