ISFIŔE Islamic Finance Review akan Hadir di Indonesia Malaysia dan Brunei ( Edisi Bahasa)

Setelah hadir di 35 negara dalam 6 bahasa, Alhamdulillah akan terbit majalah ISFIRE ( Islamic Finance Review) edisi Bahasa Indonesia edisi Juni 2021. Ini merupakan kolaborasi Cambridge Islamic Finance, UK dengan PT Alwyni International Consulting sebagai partner di Indonesia, Malaysia dan Brunei.
Kami ingin menampilkan lebih banyak tokoh dan industri keuangan syariah yang makin tumbuh di ketiga kawasan ini, silakan WA (chat only) 08111773334 untuk info lanjut dan peluang kerjasama.
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Please join the ceremony thru these below YouTube links and Facebook. Global Good Governance Awards (3G Awards) 2021
May 25, 2021
9:00 AM (London Time)

As part of its social responsibility initiatives and to further promote good governance practices world over, Cambridge IFA is spearheading a global initiative to promote best practices in governance and sustainability. The Global Good Governance Awards or 3G Awards celebrate individuals, governments, public and private institutions and NGOs that demonstrate making governance and sustainability a strategic priority of their organisations. The 3G Awards are premier awards programme that highlights excellence in good governance and commitment to social welfare in 3 major streams:


Recognizing leadership efforts of individuals, governments, corporations and NGOs in practicing good governance principles in their functioning

Recognizing implementation of innovative practices, programmes and projects that promote the cause of good governance, transparency and social responsibility

Enthusing governments, corporates and NGOs in focusing on good governance and social responsibility practices.

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