5C Steps to Waqafpreneur

Wakafpreneur is strategic to develop
Wakafpreneur potentially provides more value or even create new values.

On this holy month Ramadhan 1441 H, let’s increase our taqwa by helping to advance waqf in Indonesia. Waqf is a proof of the peak of one’s taqwa through his or her possessions.
In fact, it is not only the total submission of interaction of assets, but eventually the interaction in what Allah gives to His servants in the form of time, knowledge, and other useful advantages. If we fully utilize it for the benefits of social and public, it will become an investment in the hereafter which will be counted as passive rewards.

This merit continues to flow even though the human has passed away. As, the hadith that we always remember, when humans died, all his deeds had been cut off except for three things.

Those three things are charity donations (sodaqoh jariyah), useful knowledge, and piously children who pray for their parents. The scholars agree, what is called sodaqoh jariyah is the essence of Waqf (endowment). However, we are also commanded by God to always improve ourselves.
In the Qur’an chapter 13th verse 11 states, “Surely Allah will not change the fate of a people unless they themselves change it.” Likewise in waqf , we should improve the way, model, or variation in waqf.

So far, traditionally waqf is only known so simply, namely around the mosque, school (madrasa), and tomb (makbaro/makam) (3M). There is nothing wrong in so doing, but as time goes by, it is better to do innovation so that the waqf assets must be much more productive.
How to make waqf innovation possible? This simple writing discusses the strategy of developing waqf innovation through 5C, which consists of campaign, create, convert, competent, and comply.
What is a campaign? This strategy includes campaigns or outreach and developing literacy about waqf. Better known as waqf education. The series of education program should be well structured, systematic and massive.

Waqf education must target both young and millennials and older generations. This program should be managed online through social media and various other online devices that are favored by millennials.
For below the line activities, e.g. waqf campaigns to school, seminars, conferences, and waqf goes to campus. All these activities are carried out continuously so that all are exposed to knowledge about waqf.
The second strategy, namely create. This is a program to support the waqf ecosystem which consists of waqif, nazir (waqf manager), mauquf alaih, and mauquf bihi (objects or variations that can be used as waqf practices).
This program, among other things, opens collaboration with bootcamp entrepreneurs who aim to seek for the talent of entrepreneurs to be involved from the beginning with the waqf, Nazhir, and mauquf alaih. So they understand the problem of millennials.
Next, creating talents that are able to develop interesting programs or applications involves the user experience to find various creative waqf products by developing talents in the field of technology and innovation in waqf. For example, developing a waqf gamification, Waqf blockchain and big data waqf technology that is mobile and capable of demonstrating transparency, tracebility, and accountability and perpetuity of data.
Moreover, waqf creations such as waqf points and various waqf games are very interesting to be developed for millennials.

The third strategy is convert, which is a program to make assets more productive. Many of our waqf assets now, which consist thousands of hectares, have not been developed productively. This is an extraordinary challenge.
It requires courage and professional management or waqf management skills. Basically, waqf is an effort to hold the principal or assets to be useful and beneficial so that they can be enjoyed by mauquf alaih (beneficiaries).
This is where Nazhir competence is needed. Moreover, if Nazhir are able to develop waqf money, in fact their function is investment managers. It is very possible for the assets of waqf that are less productive to public, to be converted as another fucntion.
Fourth, competent or competence. This is the process of building capacity so that nazir are trusted. This can be done with training of Nazir so that it improve its quality in waqf management, mentoring supervision, and coaching about waqf.
Next, improve sharia knowledge and financial management capabilities, branding and reporting and waqf accounting.
Finally, namely comply. This is a program to integrate the four previous strategies to comply with the rules on waqf. Nazhir must understand waqf innovation, but still in accordance with the corridor of the legislation.
Hopefully the five strategies above can be one of the answers to our better waqf ecosystem, not only building 3M (masjid, madrasa, makbaroh/makam).
However, we hope that in the future waqf will produce an ecosystem in the form of new 3M which is also a commercial target “money make money.”
Last but not least it is part of the manifestation of productive waqf to answer challenges in the future of waqf. Surely, how to encourage nazhir as waqfpreneur, so that waqf gives more values and even creates new values.

2 thoughts on “5C Steps to Waqafpreneur

  1. Waqf if applied on building a circular economy embedded with shared prosperity and sustainable eco-system will inshaAllah be a global da’wah phenomenon. We are highly connected to the application of the 4IR in the Waqf space.

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    1. Correct, let’s collaborate together


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